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A busy year

This year has been amazing with many distance handling workshops held. workshops for grid training and classes and private sessions.

We had a new addition to the family who is now 10

Weeks old and just loves climbing. I am sure that is the papillon in him.

Super by name and Super by nature

The odour detection training has blossomed with two introduction to odour Days filling so quickly and two beginner classes full and developing. Most people have wanted to carry on with their scent training and we are going to move to private lessons after Christmas in the new year with th only a couple of private slots free.

There is another Introduction to Odour day planned for 26th February with only 5 places available.

Let me know if you would like a spot and I'll be I. Touch in the new year.

We are looking forward to a bit of a relax leading up to Christmas and the. Looking forward to starting again in the new year

Happy Christmas everyone


And wowza Dog Training

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